Producers Seeking Screenplay Submissions

Screenplay Submissions Accepted By These Producers

LLeju Productions

LLeju Productions and Films believe jthat there are many talented individuals who are creating quality material that would be suitable for the production of motion pictures. Therefore, they strive to have an open and inclusive submission policy that does not require you to obtain an agent or a manager 

Allanexa Productions Seeks Short Or Feature Screenplay

They are looking for a script with a Russian female lead. She is powerful, sassy, intelligent. It can be any genre. Short or Feature. The film will be submitted to film festivals, so this will be work for credit and experience.


Animal Mother Films Is Accepting Screenplay Submissions

AMF is currently accepting unsolicited submissions of feature length, comedic and dramatic scripts.  They are open to working with international writers, but have a preference to working with Canadian writers for funding reasons.

Seeking screenplays that have quirky characters and are just-left-of-mainstream.

Don't send:  thrillers, killers (serial or otherwise), female leads who are hookers or strippers, anything to do with the Mafia (including owing them money), stories with heavy CG requirements, stories that are too site-specific (ie. a road trip between NYC and LA) or stories with a body count of more than two.

If you think you've got something, send a logline, one page synopsis and short bio to and they'll let you know if they are interested in reading the full script.

Abbot Entertainment

Abbot Entertainment provides screenplays to Producers, Agents, Managers, Actors and Directors. Currently they are not accepting unsolicited submissions, however assuming a script meets all of their submission guidelines, they welcome screenwriters to email them a logline and a one paragraph pitch. 

Split Heart Productions Seeks Short Screenplays

Split Heart Productions is looking to hire a screenwriter(s) for four scripts in dark genre such as horror, thriller, suspense. These short scripts must not exceed 5 pages, so the video would be less than 5 minutes. The budget to produce each video is less than $300. The setting/locations must be easy to access or be of public areas. The pay for Screenwriter is $25 a script.


New York Actress/Producer Seeks Screenwriter

She is looking for a creative writer who can write all genres from comedy to drama and can keep an audience engaged and interested. 

A Brentwood Producer Seeks A Screenplay Writer

A screenplay writer is needed to write a   screenplay from a treatment.  You will be required to submit resume and sample of your work.

Pitch Your Screenplay To Glenlock Films

Glenlock Films is seeking new feature length scripts for their movie slate. If you have a script with or without a director attached, they would love to speak to you. They prefer english language horror scripts for the international market but other projects are welcomed. You must have a fully written project. You also must be the direct owner of all the rights. 

Blue Chair Productions Accepts Screenplay Submissions

You Must Follow Submission Policy Exactly As They Wish.  They receive hundreds of screenplays and only those that adhere strictly to the submission policy may be considered. Those that do not adhere to the policy will not be read and discarded immediately with no reply. 

Ask Around Productions

They do not consider projects that are in concept phase.  Please only submit loglines for projects that have a fully completed screenplay.

Iron Fist Productions

 At Iron Fist Productions, Inc., they’re always interested in learning of great production ideas. To that end, they are happy to receive your production idea to determine if they believe it would meet the muster and get  it into production. 

SF Producers Seeking Christian Screenplays

Production company with funding in place is looking for Christian / Faith-Based feature scripts and / or concepts to produce this year. If you have a completed script or even just the idea of a great story please respond with a short description. 

Capital Fund Screenplay Competition

 The only screenplay contest that connects writers to Industry financiers.

Your script can get an offer anytime after you enter even if you don’t win a placement prize.

First screenplay contest? That’s okay, our film financiers are looking for new, fresh voices.

Earn Film Industry Recognition or Repeat Recognition on the “Hot 100” List.

Win an in-person table read on a major studio lot.

Gain visibility beyond the reach of your agents.

Circus Road Films

Circus Road has produced 17 films and has  has worked with Fox, Sony, Universal, Lionsgate, Magnolia, IFC, Oscilloscope, Phase 4, Drafthouse, Image, Anchor Bay, HBO, Showtime, Starz, Lifetime and Syfy. 

Elemorphix Studios Accepts Screenplay Submissions

Accepting feature length scripts in all areas except the following: no sequels to existing movies, no scripts based on published works (books), no comedies, no musicals, no Broadway or off/Broadway Play films, no adult material, no foreign language, no nature films, no animal films, no films involving vehicles or inanimate objects and no anime. 


New York Producer Seeks Comedy Screenwriter

They are looking for an experienced comedy writer to give a crash-course private lesson on writing comedy screen plays for TV. You will be compensated for your time. They are currently writing a new Sitcom.


An L.A. Producer Seeks An Experienced Screenwriter

Base Pay and you may be offered a small role in the production. Non-Union.

A Production Company Seeks A Screenplay That Can Be Turned Into A Musical

Think La La Land/The Greatest Showman.  You keep script and story credit and will help the producer make it into a musical.

Horror Or Thriller Screenplays Wanted

 1. Must Be Completed

2. Must be STORY and CHARACTER driven

3. Must have limited speaking roles

4. Must have limited locations

5. Must not have big SFX or blood FX

6. Must stick to horror, thriller or a blend of both. NO horror/comedy, NO drama, NO art-house films

7. Must translate to a wide international audience

8. Must have some sort of catch or hook that makes the story stand out

Damn Good Movies accepts screenplay submissions and actor resumes.   

Drama, Sci-Fi, Or Horror Screenplays Wanted

An L.A. producer wants screenplays in the Drama, Sci-fi, or Horror generes.  Submit your screenplay pitch with a logline.  If the producer is interested you will be contacted by email to submit your screenplay with a submission release form.

Screenplays Wanted About Warfare Or The Military Experience. 

Each submission entry requires: 

SCREENPLAY, TELEPLAY or SHORT - Feature screenplays must not exceed 120 pages. Television scripts must not exceed 60 pages. Shorts must not exceed 25 pages. 

LOGLINE - A brief description of your script’s story (up to 50 words). 

WRITER’S BIO - A Writer’s Bio may include background, resume, accolades, training, experience, as well as any upcoming projects.

Low Budget Screenplay Wanted

A producer is seeking a quality screenplay with minimal locations and characters for a film that will be shot later in 2018 on a micro budget. Funding in place.  


North Carolina Production Company Seeking Screenplays

A North Carolina producer is seeking a script set in an Ocean Beach Town.  Comedy, action, drama or mix.  100 to 110 pages. 

The Universal Writers Program Is Accepting Screenplay Submissions

The Universal Writers Program identifies up-and-coming and experienced screenwriters with unique points of view that build upon the Studio’s commitment to telling stories and creating films that reflect the vast diversity of it's audiences. The only feature film program sanctioned by the Writers Guild of America West (WGAW), the Program develops storytellers who organically incorporate multicultural and global perspectives in screenwriting. 

Screenwriter Wanted

A N.Y. production company is creating the script for a horror/thriller TV show based on Long island.   Must be LOCAL.  Must know Final Draft. Company is  located in Smithtown. If you are interested and available please email  mikex555666(at)  with the  following:


-An example of your work 

-A confirmation that you are local

They are looking for someone who is diligent and prompt, who has a great understanding of story and a positive attitude. 


High Concept, Low Budget Screenplay Wanted 

A California producer is seeking to option High Concept,Low Budget comedies,drama, or thriller screenplays.  Will review loglines. 

Drama/Comedy/Thriller/Action Screenplays Wanted

Will option but right script may be purchased.  Diverse characters please, we don't want everyone to have blue eyes.


Screenplay With Teen Lead Wanted

A production company seeks a teenage drama/comedy screenplay.  Think "Stand By Me". 

Short Screenplay Set In A Hurricane Wanted

A producer located in N.C. with camera equipment ready seeks a short script ASAP before the damage is cleaned up. 30 pages max.

Short Screenplay Wanted

One location or mostly one location short script around 4-8 pages that falls into the thriller and/or crime genres.  Submit Logline. 

Adult Animated Comedy Screenplay Wanted

Finished film will be submitted to festivals and may be considered as a series pilot.

Female Dominatrix Screenplay Wanted

No porn.  Must be told from the female P.O.V.  Will be shot to highlight New York landscapes.

Short Screenplay Writer Wanted

A California Producer/Actor is seeking a screenwriter to help create short films.  Pitch your loglines for review.   

Birchwood Pictures

Birchwood Pictures accepts submissions of original written properties for development/production consideration in the form of a screenplay, treatment or book (published or pre-publication manuscript). They only accept screenplays in standard industry format.

Elevating Entertainement 

Elevating Entertainment is a boutique motion picture production company based in Nashville, TN., focused on producing, marketing and distributing high quality family-friendly, uplifting, and life-inspiring films.  Must submit release form.

Black Screenplays Matter

Black Screenplays Matter is accepting screenplay submissions.   Whether you’re writing a historical piece, a controversial drama, a sensational thriller, the next big action film, a hip indie, or a laugh out loud urban comedy, they want to support you.



Marjacq is an agency accepting screenplay submissions.  Before submitting, you should be confident that you are ready for an agent. This would usually mean having a few scripts polished and ready, rather than just one. Most screenwriters would have also entered a number of festivals and competitions before approaching an agent. If you feel you are ready for an agent, please email one complete screenplay along with a synopsis or treatment. 

Radiant First Productions is an L.A. based television and film production company that  takes ideas, concepts, books, scripts and turn them into TV Pilots, Webisodes, Documentaries and Feature Films. 

Red Production Company

Red Production Company accepts unsolicited screenplay submissions.

One Eyed Dog Films

One eyed Dog Films is happy to accept unsolicited screenplays.  You MUST provide the following information first:



Phone Number 

Title of Work 

Indicate whether TV or Feature Film (They do not accept short films) 

Logline (No more than 20 words) 

Synopsis (No more than 500 words) 


Marty Katz Productions

If you are interested in submitting material to Marty Katz Productions, a Script Query Letter must be sent via e-mail. If there is any interest in your query and brief story synopsis, then you will be notified and asked to download a Script Submission Release Form 

Original Pictures

To submit a screenplay to Original Pictures you must  include their release form, a one page synopsis only and fax or email the pitch.


Submit Your Script To


Primarily looking for one hour dramatic ongoing series that are procedural and episodic, as well as a few special series with a more serialized style of storytelling. Also looking for reality-competition shows and half-hour comedies, both single camera and multi-camera.  

Paton Productions

Paton Productions accepts screenplay submissions from female producers and writers.

Pitch Your Screenplays To Producers In Search Of Un-Optioned Screenplays

Tomori Films is currently accepting submissions for full length feature film scripts. They are actively seeking writers with an original voice and story in any genre except horror within a range of low to medium production budgets.


Cinequest loves writers and invites you to submit your script.

ScreenCraft Film Fund Grant Program

Now accepting Features, Shorts, Pilots and Docs! Every 6 months, at least one filmmaker will be awarded this production grant of up to $30,000 in production funds


EchoLight Studios produces high quality faith based films.

Submit Your Screenplay to Carrie Wheeler Entertainment Group

Don Ferguson Productions is looking for projects that could be live-action sitcoms, web series, feature-length comedies, and documentaries. 

Principle Entertainment Screenplay Submission Policy And Release Form

CBC Television Online. The Drama team is looking for accessible, episodic storytelling that resonates with their core CBC audience, that can air between the hours of 8:00pm–10:00pm. 

Submit A Pitch Or Script To GreenLight

Mammoth Pictures

Get your screenplay  produced. Accepting feature length screenplays that can be produced in the $100k budget range in the thriller, horror and suspense genres. 


Super Channel

The Super Channel Development Fund supports the development of feature films, feature-length documentaries and series.

Without A Box

Seeking original independent screenplays, not produced yet, or produced in the past year.  

Little Studio Films

Elysian Pictures


Thuderball Films will only accept a one-page query via email.   

Marble And Clay

A production company that will accept unsolicited screenplay submissions

Higher Ground Films goals are not only to produce works that will glorify God, entertain, and teach through Biblically acceptable and enhancing stories but also, to maintain artistic integrity in product and process. 

Alexander Films

Alexander Films was founded in 2003 in Blue Ridge, VA as a resource for creative entertainment. Over the years, Alexander Films has become THE go-to production house in the Roanoke Valley for narrative film-making. With a long-term goal to bring more production opportunities to the beautiful city and surrounding regions, Alexander Films is committed to building resources.

Submit A Short Screenplay, TV Script or Pilot For Free Here

The Cast Iron Picture Company

They accept both short and feature script submissions, but ONLY after an initial email query.  

Chesler/Perlmutter Productions is a Canadian film and television company that develops and produces award-winning family entertainment. 

Jump Start Productions

Jump Start Productions will accept an unsolicited query via email only..

NYTVF SCRIPTS acccepts TV pilot submissions

CHAOS a film company, Inc.

Four Star International Screenplay Submission Release Form

National Screen Institute

Submit A Pitch To Mercury Filmworks

Spier Films Accepts Screenplay Submissions With Cover Report

Pandemonium will review your script and let you know if it's ready. 

Seymore Films is currently accepting queries for completed screenplays.

Tall Castle is looking for both feature-length and short film scripts.


Meridian Artists seeks screenplay submissions from screenwriters.

Total Attraction Film Productions

Pure Flix accepts queries.

WHIZBANG Films accepts a one-page synopsis first.

BET Wants To Buy Your Script

Warp Films

Ballinran Entertainment Submission Release Policy

ABC TV Independent Production (Australia)

For Narrative Comedy they will accept submissions hgwithout a Producer, production company or agent attached ONLY if there is audio-visual material which suggests significant development of concept.

RS Productions

Dark Matter Media Submissions 

Twelve Chairs Film

Twelve Chairs Film will accept screenplay submissions after an initial one page synopsis first.  Any genere, low to medium budget.


Oceanstorm Films actively seeks screenplays for option or development.

World Films Is Seeking Scripts

New Love Films is seeking screenplay submissions.

The Collective NY is seeking submissions of screenplays of all lengths.

Tall Castle is looking for both feature-length and short film scripts. 

Meridian Artists seeks screenplay submissions from screenwriters seeking representation.

The Kaufman Company is seeking TRUE STORIES.  Either female driven for Lifetime or inspirational true stories like THE BLIND SIDE.

Monami Entertainment Submission Release Form 

Submit Your Screenplay

Submit Your Screenplay